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PostSubject: WGCC REGULATIONS   WGCC REGULATIONS EmptySat Jan 24, 2015 12:51 pm


WGCC World GranTurismo Club Championship REGULATIONS

WGCC is a Championship for Gran Turismo Clubs. At this moment it's held for GT6 Clubs.
Here you will find the regulations of the Championship, these regulations may or may not chance from time to time if the WGCC organisation may find this important :

CLUBS regulations:

- If a team wants to join the championship, the teamboss it needs to sign up the team via supersonic-racing-team@hotmail.com

- Regulations of WGCC are under control of the WGCC organisation. If a team/club likes to suggest chances in the regulations, or add new regs to it, this can be communicated to supersonic-racing-team@hotmail.com
The WGCC organisation will take your suggestions seriously, and may or may not add chances or new regs to the WGCC regulations.

- When a team does contains drivers who regulary cannot driver CLEAN & FAIR, or does not communicate on several channels in a proper and polite way, the WGCC organisation will give a warning.
This will be communicated to the teamboss of the team in question.
A teamboss is responsible for the behaviour of the drivers in his team, and so it's his task to keep his teammembers in order.

- A club/team should at all times (if the cars allow you to) compete in WGCC events in their own teamcolours

- more regulations may follow ...

DRIVERS regulations:

- A driver should at all times be a CLEAN & FAIR driver, and behave himself in a socially desirable manner.
If not, the WGCC organisation may or may not ban or disqualify this driver (although first at least 1 warning will be given). The GWCC organisation will contact the teamboss of this driver.

- In case of suggestions or even complainments about GWCC, please contact your own teamboss (always OUTSIDE THE LOBBY). He will contact the GWCC organisation, that may or may not take action if needed.

- A driver competing in WGCC should at all times be a member of one of the teams that have signed up to the WGCC. If not yet member of one of those teams, please find a place in one of them.

- Every driver should paint his car in his club/team colours (if cars allow you to). If not, the WGCC may or may not exclude or disqualify this drver.

- More regulations may follow ...

EVENTS regulations:

- GWCC events will at all times be organized by the GWCC organisation, or under it's premission.
Any event sharing/using the name WGCC / World GranTurismo Club Championship or likewise that are not orginized by or with premission of the WGCC organisation do not count for any Championship standings.

- Every team/club should at least sign up 2 of it's drivers, and may sign up a reserve driver.

- The host of the WGCC event will at all times start the event on the time that was set on forehand.
Although in exeptional situations, may have the possibility to wait. A event start delay may not take any longer then max. 30 minutes. If the event has not started yet by then, the event will be canceled/postponed.

- More regulations may follow ...


P01. 20 points
P02. 17 points
P03. 14 points
P04. 12 points
P05. 11 points
P06. 10 points
P07. 9 points
P08. 8 points
P09. 7 points
P10. 6 points
P11. 5 points
P12. 4 points
P13. 3 points
P14. 2 points
P15. 1 point
P16. 0 point

A team wins Championship points for the 2 best ranked drivers of the race results of the event in question.
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